Monday, February 13, 2006


Headaches, blurred vision and sore eyes are symptoms of eyestrain. Your workspace setup could be contributing to the problem if you suffer from eyestrain. Here are some tips to follow:

~To reduce glare, position the computer so that neither you nor the screen faces a window.

~Dust the screen often.

~Relax your eyes every 15 -20 minutes by closing them or looking away from the screen for a couple minutes.

~Adjust lighting in the room to reduce glare. Ideally, the lighting in a room should be slightly dimmer than your computer monitor.

~Increase the size of the font onscreen.

~Don’t forget to blink! When we concentrate, we don’t blink as often which leads to painful, dry eyes.

~Have your eyes checked and make sure the doctor is aware you use the computer frequently. Glasses and contacts worn for other activities may not be good for computer work.



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