Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sensory Exercises -- Week 3: Sound

Sound creates mood. How many of you play music while you write? How many of you can’t stand all the unnecessary noise that we are subjected to against our will on a daily basis?

I am unusually sensitive to sound. The sounds I associate with a place or an event decide how it is imbedded in my mind. I can be in the most beautiful location in the world, but if someone’s got a leaf blower on, the memory of the place is tainted.

Sound affects emotions. Even sounds too high or too low for our conscious mind to register affect how we feel.

Now it’s time to layer that in to your writing.

Last week, you revised story A which had both the scent of hibiscus in it and the taste of single malt scotch. You also wrote Story C, which featured just the taste.

This week, you will add the sound to story A, building on that piece. And you will write Story D, with sound the focus.

This week’s sound:

The sound of a rusty bicycle wheel.


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