Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sensory Exercises -- Week 4: Touch

Touch. When you pick up an object, how does it feel? Rough? Smooth? Heavy? Slimy?

The sense of touch affects more than your hands. What does it do to the rest of the body? To your senses? To your mind? To your emotions?

As you move through the day, do you actually experience the sensations around you or do you close yourself off? As a writer, you have to remember to remain open to the senses as much as you safely can, and learn how to communicate them.

Overuse your adjectives this week, in your first draft. Then cut back so that you say what you wish to communicate as precisely as you can with the fewest possible words.

You will build touch into Story A, revising it yet again to add in tangible sensations. And you will write Story E, which focuses primarily on that one sense.

What is the touch?

The sensation of warm sand.


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