Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Once again, we have wonderful news to share here at The Scuffy Dog Review. Silvio Sirias, author of Bernardo and the Virgin and one of the most celebrated authors in the Latino community has agreed to be interviewed by The Scruffy Dog Review. Right now, this interview is slated for the July 2006 issue, but you never know when it may get moved.
* * *
Wonderful submissions are arriving by the hour but we still don't have yours. We'll keep submissions open for the January 2006 issue until early November so there is still time to send yours in. If you submitted work between 10/10/2005 and 10/11/2005 with the automated submission form, we ask that you re-submit with the new submission process outlined on the Submissions Page as we had a few glitches.
* * *
The response to The Scruffy Dog Review has been incredible (based upon the press release, emails to and website hits) and it is only a matter of time before The Scruffy Dog Review becomes the eletronic literary magazine of choice.
* * *
Thank you from The Editors at the Scruffy Dog Review.


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