Monday, November 28, 2005

Grab and Go at the Library

I sometimes use this approach to selecting books at the library. I walk through different sections and grab a book off the shelf at random. I don't stop to look at what I've picked up; I just grab something and head for the circulation desk. The grab and go approach has introduced me to numerous authors, some have even landed on my Book Wish List. I've come across a few unappealing works using the method but I only invested a little time so it's no big deal. It's fun to walk through the bookstore and see all the names of authors I've tried at the library. Whether I liked the work or not, I recognize the author's name. The next time you're in the library, try the grab and go method. You may just find a treasure.


At 6:01 AM, Blogger No Filter: The Book said...

I like to do something similar ... I will pick out a random page though and see if its interesting ...

If it seems boring after 2-3 paragraphs, its a good candidate to go back to the shelf :)

edmund davis


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