Saturday, December 17, 2005

It’s Never Too Early to Self-Promote . . .

. . . with an effective website!

Whether you’re just beginning your writing dream or are a seasoned veteran of several published books, the challenge of self promotion looms large.

In today’s published world, it is not enough to garner the three-book deal with a top rated publisher or write a Pulitzer Prize winner. One must self-promote in order to keep up book sales and maintain a presence in the industry.

Well, how does one self-promote and how does one do it with class?

For many authors the first step is a professional website promoting their work. Forget free site services unless you are making a family or personal webpage. But how does an author have a professionally completed site without spending a fortune? Well, there are several services available but you must do your research to find one that works best for you.

Registering your domain name can be done through several online sites:,, or are just a few who offer inexpensive domain registration.

Do your homework when it comes to choosing the right website host. There is tons of information on the web at your fingertips. Does the host offer email accounts? How effective and timely is the customer support? Are the website templates easy to use or do you have to know HTML to work it? Is flash media available if you want it?

Ask peers and colleagues for their recommendations. Go to your favorite author websites, scroll to the bottom and look for the designer information. It should be there. If not, contact them and find out about their service. Most will be happy to help.

Below are a few published author websites that are very well done and perhaps you can garner some creativity and innovative ideas:

Good luck!


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