Sunday, March 12, 2006

Book Relief: For Those In Need

Book Relief is an unprecedented, publishing industry-wide effort that has already distributed countless numbers of new books:
  • to those displaced by the 2005 hurricanes,
  • to organizations, schools, and libraries supporting the evacuees, and
  • to replenish the schools and libraries being rebuilt on the Gulf Coast.

In New Orleans, last year during the horrific episodes of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, 118 of 126 schools sustained damage; in Mississippi, 300 schools were damaged, 24 of them severely damaged or destroyed. Nearly 190,000 Louisiana students were displaced. As organizations start to rebuild the Gulf Coast, Book Relief will be there to supply them with new books as they reopen.

Read more here about this *ongoing* effort, and the help that is still needed to place books into the hands of our nation's schoolchildren, as well as others who need them.


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