Friday, December 30, 2005

A Year In Review

I was grasping for an idea for this week’s entry and kept drawing a blank. So Terry suggested a year in review regarding my writing.

Last year, I completed both serials for the now-defunct site, KeepItComing – Scars of Yesterday and The Adventures of Ransom & Fortune.

I failed miserably with my fantasy romance manuscript in several contests.

I was rejected by agent after agent on the above mentioned manuscript.

Needing something light, I wrote my contemporary novella in about a month and a half and sold it to the second publisher I pitched. Talk Dirty To Me will be appearing as an ebook in July 2006. (HOORAY!)

Feeling as though the fantasy romance was going nowhere, I revamped the beginning of the book. So far, those who have read it have given it rave reviews.

Even though I still like a fairly new writer, it feels like things are starting to happen for me. I have sold one book. I hope to sell at least two more in 2006.

As a writer, making goals and keeping them is probably one of the most important tools. They help keep you on track and keep you going. Looking back at my GDR (Goals, Dreams and Resolutions), I met some of them. Others fell by the wayside. I wanted to write more articles last year, but the lure of the novel and novella kept pulling me. I gave into writing one short story I love that has yet to find a home except on my blog.

So I don’t have a half a dozen clips like I wanted. Selling my novella has been a major accomplishment for me. I never thought I’d make it this far.

Now – what are your goals, dreams, and resolutions for 2006? Are you going to finish that book? Start it? Submit it? Find an agent?

Stop waiting for the right moment, pick up that pen (or turn on that computer) and get going.


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