Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ivor Cutler RIP

First of all, please accept my apologies for both the lateness of this posting and of the non-posting of last week's entry. A combination of illness and other unavoidable legal scenarios have conspired against me.

Today, later than ever before, I'd like to remember Ivor Cutler, who died last week. Take it away -

Ivor Cutler, the famous Glaswegian poet and musician, died last week at the age of 83. Cutler, wrote songs and poetry in a surreal voice, was still performing his work to live audiences up until 2004. He wrote many books and radio shows, and was a hugely talented illustrator.

Cutler appeared regularly on the John Peel Radio Show, performing live to millions of BBC radio listeners. The Beatles, who were immense fans of his, even gave him a role in the film Magical Mystery Tour where he played the character Buster Bloodvessel.

His 1967 album Ludo, produced by George Martin, was re-released in 1997 by Creation Records, the ex-label of UK rick band Oasis.

Born into a middle-class Jewish family in Glasgow, Cutler attributed his artistic talents to the displacement he felt when his younger brother was born.

"Without that I would not have been so screwed up as I am, and therefore not as creative," he said. “Without a kid brother I would have been quite dull."

He served with the RAF in World War II, before turning his attentions to teaching. He eventually moved to London but continued to teach, at the same time pursuing his artistic career. He retired from teaching in 1980 but continued to produce works of amazing beauty up until his death last week.

He will be sadly missed.


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