Sunday, January 08, 2006

Let It Out

You know, those pesky story ideas that have been buzzing around in your head for a while now? The ones that just seem to be there, with no intentions of going anywhere, any time soon?

Yesterday, according to all the flyers that had been stuffed inside my mailbox during the week, it was obviously one of those Saturday-After-Christmas sale days promising the usual myriad of half-off price tags galore. But... my humblest apologies to you, local shopping malls.

Instead, I sat down and finally got a story idea nailed down to the max, and to my further satisfaction, fully first-drafted on paper. Good God, what a purging.

Anyway, it's all looking good thus far, and I'm sure that in the days ahead I'll have more to add to this darkly funny story about two women who are always finding themselves one step away from their creditors, and a half step away from the long arm of the law.

So while it sometimes only takes a few seconds (or two) to really *get going* once you've sat down in front of the computer screen, it's always best just to let those stories out of the back of your mind, allowing them to flow freely.

You'll be surprised at how they manage to transform, once they've been "brought out into the air to breathe."


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