Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thought for the Week

Good old Bono! Everyone loves him; rock star lifestyle, good looks, great voice, sexy Irish accent and of course his deep and committed passion for helping the poor, the starving and the less fortunate.

Not only is he the lead singer for one of the world’s most famous bands, and has been for over 20 years, but he is an icon in the world struggle against poverty. Why, only last year he campaigned vociferously alongside Bob Geldof, the British PM and the US President.

His campaigning has nothing to do with ego – he can assure you of that. He genuinely cares about the poor.

This week tickets went on sale for the Brazilian leg of U2’s latest world tour, Vertigo. They are due to play the Morumbi football stadium, home to World Club champions, Sao Paulo, on February 20th.

The price for these tickets? $88 (£50 UK) - two-thirds the average monthly wage for the country.

Nice one Bono.

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