Sunday, March 26, 2006


In the age of the pocket-sized techno-gadgetry that keeps our daily lives alphabetized, journalized, organized, and so on, no doubt the age-old pad and pencil are still the vital tools of choice for many writers -- myself included. Those of us more commonly known as "scribblers."

And clearly, as a matter of personal choice, simply jotting it down is still the most reliable and expedient way to get it all down. From that unusual sunset, to the sights and sounds of a local street performer, the snippets of an interesting conversation overheard at a local diner, or a catchy phrase on a billboard sign, these are all the things that inspire us as writers in our everyday lives. And always being outfitted with a pad and pencil (or pen) is the way that, over the years, we've been able to both capture and record it.

Then of course, once we're home again, we can collate these gems into working files or even first draft attempts in our computers, reacquainting us once again with the equally useful world

Nevertheless, the age-old ritual of scribbling, will always remain for a good number of us -- an integral part of the everyday writing life.


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