Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Wrote that HOW Many Times???

I read this recently and it was, to say the least, eye-opening. We as writers sometimes can be accused of getting a tad too "close" to our work, and my recent experience is proof.

I was reading that there are certain words that are basically "fluff" words writers overuse, and I thought to myself: "No, I would never do that!" So I put it to the test and did a search and find on one of my WIPs and lo and behold, I was embarrassed to discover that I too, was guilty of what I like to call "Fluff Word Overuse." Try it out on your own manuscripts. Some of the words are as follows: (Courtesy of Holt Uncensored)

"Actually, totally, absolutely, completely, continually, constantly, continuously, literally, really, unfortunately, ironically, incredibly, hopefully, finally

- these and others are words that promise emphasis, but too often they do the reverse. They suck the meaning out of every sentence. "

I am mortified to admit that I used the word "really" One hundred and seventy-five times. You can bet that I really hurried and omitted the really offensive repetitions of "really," really fast.


So go ahead, try it!


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