Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Power of PR

DAVID ICKE, the man who once sat in front of a talk show audience with viewers of millions and proclaimed in all seriousness, that he had been chosen to be the Son of God, is back.

The former TV sports presenter is now claiming that the British Royal Family are "bloodsucking alien lizards".

Icke, 53, goes on to claim the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are “shape-shifters who drink human blood to look like us”. He adds, “a race of half-human, half-alien creatures has infiltrated all the world's key power positions. George W Bush, and his father, the former president, George Bush, are both giant lizards who change into humans.” Apparently 9/11, the "murders" of Princess Diana and John F Kennedy are also down to little green men, too

This is not just the rant of your everyday anti-Monarchist – he actually believes it.

Such wild and ridiculous claims may be further proof that working for ITV can seriously damage your brain. But when you consider that Icke, since retiring from television in 1991 due to the public ridicule he endured after his “Son of God” claims, has gone on to publish 16 books and tours the world giving talks and speeches on his theories, one has to stand back and wonder about the PR behind the author, no matter how mad his books may sound. The truth in fact, is that David Icke has never been away.

Any fiction author worth his or her salt would love to be handed TV jobs to comment on their books, or the chance to tour the world talking about them or to be able to make DVD’s from their stories. With a 16 book publishing catalogue behind him, David Icke has done something right.

No matter how much involved in your stories or how much other people don’t believe, the one thing you can be sure about David Icke is the power of good marketing and PR is invaluable.



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