Thursday, February 02, 2006

Getting Past the "Honeymoon" Phase

I think beginning a new story is very similar to the feeling one gets when beginning a new relationship: everything is new, fun, interesting and exciting, and those involved are eager and willing to see how it all works out.

Some writers tend to "fizzle" out after the initial excitement--they scribble or type out a couple of chapters, get bored or run into a "wall," and BANG, the honeymoon is over. Gone is the excitement and novelty--writing is hard work after all, and it is up to them whether to stick it out (because the initial attraction has deepened into a more dignified "love" for the story--they can't quit now!) or to drop it like a boiling hot potato and run off to greener, newer pastures.

Why do you think some writers have drawers and files full of unfinished manuscripts? I call it Lazy Writing. I too, have been guilty of this offense.

Keeping your story fresh, when it has seemingly wilted (or become disinteresting) is solely up to you. So you've hit a snag. Boo hoo. You need to make the important decision: is this story worth saving?

If the answer is yes, there are ways to save it...and I'll list them in next week's blog.

Until then, keep smiling and keep writing!


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